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Frank Chenault’s amazing “Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool “

Frank Chenault is a professional surfer and entrepreneur who guides Chenault Enterprises as head acquisition director. His current enterprise builds on skills he gained with the Quantum Group, where he served tower owners spanning the country and drove sustained growth. Frank Chenault’s passion for surfing extends to his teenage years, which he spent along the Central California coast. He taught himself to catch waves by paddling out each day after school and received his fair share of cuts and bruises. After a year, the hard work paid off, as he successfully caught a tube in Laguna Beach.

By his last year in high school, Mr. Chenault was among a local surf shop’s top team riders and began competing seriously. At age 20, he joined the Western Surfing Association and competed as an amateur, next to making the jump to the state championships of the United States Surfing Federation. Finishing in fourth place, he qualified for the nationals in Hawaii.

Today, Frank Chenault balances surfing and professional endeavors with a fulfilling family life that includes his daughter and her mother.

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To some, surfing is seen as a hobby, a favorite pastime, while to some professional surfer it is seen as a source or means to make a living but to a man like Frank Chenault, it is all of that and so many more. For a man who grew up close to the water, the waves of the ocean mean so much more to him. To Frank Chenault, surfing is a way of life.

Frank Chenault got enthralled by the ocean’s waves and beauty in his teen days. Each day after school, Frank made it an obligation to teach himself how to catch waves by paddling out each day after school and surfing just sort of grew on him. It was therefore not surprising that after Frank finished high school, he went off to pursue a career in surfing.

Frank’s career as a professional surfer kick-started when he joined the Western Surfing Association(WSA) around the age of 20. Upon joining WSA, he was privileged to compete as an amateur. This opportunity helped to show Frank’s uncanny aptness for the sport. His wonderful performance as an amateur further worn him a chance to compete at the state championships of the United States Surfing Federation.

Even though it was his first time as a competitor in the United States Surfing Federation’s state championships, Frank Chenault with his knack for the sport and a good amount of resilience, was able to earn a fourth-place ranking which further qualified him for the National Competition in Hawaii, making him one of the very few who has been known to qualify for the National Competition in their 20s.

This success could be said to be some sort of turnaround for Frank as he had to relocate to Hawaii, where he competed in a number of Hawaiian Surfing Federation events before moving back to the West Coast when he got married. Wanting to give all his best to his marriage, he took a break from surfing professionally until 2003 when he made his comeback into the world of professional surfing.

Since relaunching his professional career in 2003, he has participated in several Association of Surfing Professionals events, including a competition on the Atlantic coast of France.

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For a boy who grew up so close to the water and fell in love with the water at a tender age, a boy who could patiently teach himself how to catch waves for a whole year, it isn’t really surprising to see such a boy grow up to become a man who is devoted to making a successful career out of what he loves. Frank Chenault grew up in the coast sides of West California and had his high school education at Carmel High school.

Frank always walked through the ocean when returning from school everyday and it was during one of such walks, that Frank fell irrevocably in love with the Ocean and the coast. His love for the ocean made him forsake baseball and golf (His hobbies before he discovered surfing).

Everyday after school, Frank would Paddle out into the waves on a board trying to catch a wave, he took a beating from the ocean almost every day for over a year. Instead of this to deter him, it rather further strengthened his resolution to catch waves. He stubbornly continued until he finally caught his first real wave. This determination carried him into a professional surfing career, during which he qualified for national events.

He didn’t stop at this, he further learnt how to ride tubes at Salt Creek in Laguna Beach, California, His resilience and determination coupled with his tender age caught the attention of the local surf team around Laguna Beach and he was brought him under their wing.

No sooner had he joined them, he started participating in Western Surfing Association amateur events, qualified for the United States Surfing Federation state championships and even the National Competition. All this happened in his early 20s, after which Frank Chenault took a hiatus from competitive surfing to delve into business and sustain his marriage until 2003 when he came back into the professional world of surfing.

Despite years of inactive professional surfing career, it is evident in his easy and successful comeback that he was never far away from the sport he grew up loving. Alongside reviving his Professional surfing career, Frank’s deep love for the ocean can be seen in his dedication to a voluntary organization who are concerned about oceans and water bodies.

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A Passionate Surfer

Frank Chenault right from a tender age was able to understand that if one wants to succeed as a skillful surfer, then one shouldn’t see Surfing as a game or sport but should be taken as a habit, a way of life. He’s of the belief that Surfing has to be ingrained in one’s DNA if one is to be successful at it.

Frank Chenault didn’t just stumble on the sport, he discovered the sport in the early years of his life along Laguna Beach. Frank Chenault draws on nearly a lifetime of experience riding the waves. He fell in love with the ocean and the coast when he first moved to Big Sur, California, with his family when he was a boy. Already a baseball player and golfer, Frank Chenault taught himself to surf and began competing at the amateur level around the age of 20.

His years of acquiring skills, showmanship and intense training paid off paved Wat for him immediately. He competed as an amateur in the WSA, qualified for the United States Surfing Federation state championships where finished fourth place, which won him a ticket to the National Competition in Hawaii. This established him fully as a professional surfer.

Frank Chenault took a short break from professional Surfing and resumed back as a professional Surfer in 2003. Since his comeback, he has participated successfully in several Association of Surfing Professionals events, including a competition on the Atlantic coast of France.

In between the Year 2011 and 2018, Frank has competed in a total of 25 professional surfing event. So far in the year 2018, he has competed in four events: Sunset Open where he finished in 105th place; RonJon Quiksilver Pro, finished at the 49th place; Jack’s Surfboards Pro, 113th place and ShoeCity Pro, finishing at 73rd place .