While growing up, Frank Chenault was exposed to sales and acquisition but his love for surfing drove it to backseat until he got married and had his daughter. Giving his daughter the very best of everything (his time included) became his major priority and that drove him into the business world.

With a background in sales and acquisitions, Frank Chenault delved into the world of business by joining Quantum group and with the help of loads of resilience and determination, he was able to finally start his own company and build a successful business even though this came at a quite high price.

He further honed his skills at Quantum group when he was serving tower owners spanning the country and driving sustained growth. All these skills put together was what he channeled together to be a formidable albeit creditable entrepreneur.

Surfing was the price Frank Chenault had to pay in a bid to raise his daughter and also build his own company. He took a break as a professional surfer and dedicated his time to his daughter and business. After the hiatus, California entrepreneur-Frank Chenault, reengaged with professional surfing and has since continued to compete at high levels while still seeing to the smooth running of his business.

Frank Chenault has not only limited himself to surfing and researching but in his bid to be a successful entrepreneur, he has completed courses in music producing and mixing at a Hollywood sound engineering institution.